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When requesting a temporary vehicle importation permit, you shall verify that vehicle information (brand, year model, VIN code, expiration date, etc.) has been correctly recorded. For guidance from US and Canada Toll-free number: 1 877 44 88 728.

As a foreigner, the expiration date of your permit will be the same as that of your immigration status, including its continuous renewals provided that they are sequential. Or from anywhere in Mexico at 01 55 627 22 728 (Marca SAT).

Each season, the league holds two tournaments: the Apertura, which starts in the summer, and the Clausura, which starts in the winter.

As of 2017, the league comprises 18 clubs, with one being relegated every year (two tournaments) based upon its league performances over the previous three years.

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Under this program, registered travel agencies will be eligible to receive incentive credits, which may be used towards the purchase of air transportation.