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Charles L, Leven Dn Julio Da Vanzo Wednesday, Juno 7, H)7H. The outline for these hearings indicates, and I quote from the outline I was sent: * * * the Federnl Government foces the two dilemmas of whether or not to promote balanced national growth by influencing popu U^^'frn redint » ibution and of whether to aid individualb and/or areas.

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„^„a What is new is that reduced birth rates have made these move- mente more obvious, that declining SMSA's have had to adjust to abso Ste ¥nd not just relative decline, and that nonmetropolitan a Sas and Sot j Sst'smaller SMSA's are showing net growth for the 'l^i E^i S^^pl Sr S'the fundamental role of maturity ee^ ' clear Despite continued inmirration to the South and the West ^ central cointies of SMSA's with over 2 million people the^South^ and the West showed net outmigration from 1970 to 197d and an/ even larger net outmigration from 1973 to 1976.

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This does not mean that people are not moving So"th and West, but they have been doing that since the bepnning of the Republic What is not new then is the spread of people and activities from the core to the periphery of SMSA's, the net migration of popula- tion from larger metros to smaller urban areas, and the spread ot population South and West.

The relative economic losses of larger metro areas are also ap= parent through much of northern and western Europe, especially Scandinavia, Holland, and West Germany, Here, too, what were only relative differences in fairly rapid growth have been made much more yisible and even turned into declines in ^ome instances as birth rates have fallen.

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