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20-May-2016 01:15

Keep in mind, though that the approach above should be your first try. Okay, so that’s it for a scenario that works fine because the “lookup” table (employees) is key-preserved.

By the way, we are using a correlated sub query in this case. So what about a scenario where the lookup table is not key preserved?

The following code example creates and explicitly sets properties to update a two-table view.

You can use this example as a guide for customizing update property settings on a view.

Additional points: There are nine primary labels and each of the nine have multiple details (a company can have all nine primaries and all detail labels).

I would then run queries off of the company table to find companies with the primary and/or detail project label I am currently looking for.

In the past, we'd have accomplished this by a combination of INSERT and UPDATE statements, but starting with Oracle we've now got the Oracle MERGE command which does this in one step.

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The MERGE statement is designed to combine multiple operations to reduce the complexity of mixed insert and update operations. a delete statement that affects more than one row).