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— The latest news on resturant closings and openings, food trucks and events for foodies in and around the Triangle.Saw on Facebook that The Cortez Seafood & Cocktail, slated to open 413 Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh in the former Cafe Helios spot, is closer to becoming a reality."I'm glad the commission has seen sense and backed down on these arbitrary rules.They would have interfered with businesses, imposed unnecessary costs and taken choice away from consumers. The ban on the use of jugs, cruets or bowls to serve olive oil was justified as necessary because of alleged "frequent" fraud in restaurants but commission officials have admitted to The Daily Telegraph that they have no evidence of the practice. It is anecdotal and that was enough for the committee," said an official. Jugg Realm is absolutely free site with links to free porn galleries of big boobs cutties and hot busty babes.We stuffed this site with all possible types of porn pics, including busty babes, big boobs. Enjoy surfing our site and come back tomorrow to check updates.The VS and BS indicated retail sale (VF and BF in Canada), while issues with just a V or a B after the number were rental.) In addition to the 13 Fotomat titles being made for sale in late 1980, this is the release chart of Disney features from 1980 to 1983.(The number at the beginning of each line is Disney's stock number for the VHS/Beta release.) D-TV was a series of music videos created with clips from Disney animated shorts, inspired by the popularity of MTV and music videos.

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Officer Miosotis Familia was in a police truck when Alexander Bonds walked up and fired one shot, striking her in the head. (July 5) The New Orleans Police Department released this surveillance video of four men beating and robbing two tourists in the city's French Quarter. "The criticism was universal and came from consumers and restaurant owner in all EU countries," said the official.