When are partnership liquidating distributions required

29-Nov-2016 16:39

As the regular English courts gradually recognized the societas, the business form eventually developed into the common-law partnership. England enacted its Partner-ship Act in 1890, and legal experts in the United States drafted a Uniform Partnership Act (UPA) in 1914. When there is a positive agreement at the commencement of the partnership, that the personal representative or heir of a partner shall succeed him in the partnership, the obligation will be considered valid. S corpora­tions typically are more expensive to organize and require greater attention to the maintenance of corporate formalities than is required with partnerships.However, the corporate form usually provides owners with a greater degree of insulation from business liabilities than does the partnership form.A major difference between partnerships and S corpo­rations involves the treatment of distributions of ap­preciated property.With respect to the timing of gain recognition from such distributions, the rules applicable to partnerships (unlike those applicable to S corporations) generally permit gain deferral.The provisions of this paragraph may be illustrated by the following examples: Partner A, with an adjusted basis of ,000 for his partnership interest, receives in a current distribution property having an adjusted basis of ,000 to the partnership immediately before distribution, and ,000 cash.The basis of the property in A's hands will be ,000.

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Under Section 12(g)(1) of the Exchange Act, a company with more than million in assets must register each class of security that is held of record by 500 or more persons and comply with the reporting requirements under Sections 13 and 15(d) of the Exchange Act.Notwithstanding the broad scope of the United States Bankruptcy Code and the power of the Bankruptcy Courts, there are still securities issues to be considered.

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